About RAE

Research Analysis and Engineering (RAE), LLC, a certified small-business, has a wealth of practical experience in transitioning technologies.  Since 2000 RAE’s singular focus has been dedicated to assisting government clients in their efforts to identify, assess, and transition technology(ies) into their programs or organizations.  The processes, infrastructures, management practices, tools, personnel, strategic alliances, and the work RAE pursues are all aligned to this singular endeavor.  We have supported hundreds of technology transition initiatives across a variety of government organizations.

Technology transition is more than just a narrow focus of effort.  It is a series of compatible services that come together to provide a specific outcome – an emerging, new or improved capability in the hands of a user.  RAE offers a full suite of services to this end.  We understand the warfighter and first responder missions and the importance of involving all people necessary to transition a technology.

RAE is uniquely equipped to interact and manage multiple stakeholders – business and technical – including industry, government (labs and program offices), academia, and foreign entities.  By remaining technology agnostic we are able to act as an “honest broker” to provide an independent, objective viewpoint to our clients.

A recent independent government survey determined a technology transition success rate of over 80% for one of RAE’s managed government transition programs – high by commercial or government standards.

We are driven to provide unparalleled results, and this coupled with our customer focus and experience, is the hallmark of our success.

4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203 / (703) 294-4236 / info@rae-llc.com